ICOM Kyoto 2019

25a conferencia general del ICOM

Del 1 al 7 de Septiembre, 2019

Preguntas Frecuentes

Questions about the ICOM Kyoto 2019 Conference


  • Why is the theme of ICOM Kyoto 2019 Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Tradition?

    The 25th ICOM General Conference is all about connections; connections between museums, regions and societies, connections that branch out across the globe, connections between generations, connections between the past and the future…

    While the role of museums is changing, museums have and will always serve as a place to connect cultures. ICOM is working to play a stronger role in supporting these connections and in creating a vision to be shared.

    The 25th ICOM General Conference comes at an important time. It has been designed as a place to foster discussions around the potential of the museum to form bridges between cultures – as museum professionals from around the world gather for this exciting week of events taking place in Japan.

    One of the key roles for a museum is to ensure the preservation and utilization of cultural heritage inherited from the past. That’s why it’s special that this year’s ICOM General Conference is being held in Kyoto – it’s a city that thrives because of how it treasures and celebrates the cultural heritage it’s inherited – whilst always looking towards the future.

  • Are there any sub-themes at the General Conference?

    Yes! In fact, there are four. They are:
    • Curating Sustainable Futures Through Museums
    • The Museum Definition - The Backbone of ICOM
    • Museums in Times of Disaster
    • Asian Art Museums & Collection in the World

    These were decided at the ICOM Maizuru Meeting 2018 (September 30, 2018) which was held about a year ago in Kyoto. They are designed to support our conference’s primary theme Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Tradition and let us branch out a bit, too.

    They will be introduced in our four morning Plenary Sessions, where there will be lectures and discussions on the subject, and expanded on in the afternoons where we have a number of workshops and discussions that will let us explore further. You’ll be able to find more details in the online program here . You can register to attend here.


  • This conference sounds unmissable! How do I participate in ICOM Kyoto 2019? Are there any conditions, or other factors to be aware of?

    It’s easy! You can register on the ICOM Kyoto Conference website right up until 31 August 2019 – bear in mind that our clocks are set to Japanese time, so be sure to check the time difference if you tend to leave things to the last minute!

    Although there is a difference in the registration fee depending on when you are registering, whether or not you’re a member of ICOM, or a student - please remember that our doors are open to everyone who is as passionate about museums as we are! Absolutely anyone interested in museums can participate!

    If you don’t pre-register we will have tickets available at the door, so it will be possible to register on the day at the venue – on 1-4 and 7th September 2019. You’ll have missed your pre-registration discount so we really recommend booking early, but we understand if that’s not possible, and our ticket sales team will be ready to get you registered to enter on the day. Click here for details.

    We are proud to share that our tickets are all sold out! We may have some limited onsite daily passes that are sold on a first come first saved basis on 2-4 September.

  • How much does it cost to attend the Conference?

    The price varies depending on factors such as whether you are an ICOM Member, student and when you make your booking. It’s also possible to attend only part of the conference. All tickets are less expensive if you apply early, so we really recommend booking as far in advance as you can – but you’ll still be able to grab your ticket on the day if you need to!

    We want to make it as easy as possible for people to attend, and understand that everybody has different needs – so please take a look at the registration page of our website to see all the available options. Click here for details.

  • Can I participate in sessions and off-site meetings other than the International Committee I selected when registering for the conference?

    Yes! You can participate in sessions other than the one you first selected when registering. Please take a look at the website of the International Committee you’d like to attend ahead of time, because some sessions and meetings will require pre-registration. Click here for a list of International Committees or head to the ICOM website.

  • Do you have any support such as subsidies or grants to help me participate in the Conference?

    Yes! ICOM, the ICOM Kyoto 2019 Organising Committee, and the International Committees will be providing some grants to assist some people with their costs and travel expenses – including young members and participants from developing countries. Please check the ICOM Kyoto 2019 website for details.

    We’re sorry but the application period for grants to the ICOM Kyoto 2019 has now ended.

  • Are there any sessions or events that require pre-registration?

    A. Yes! After you register, it’s a good idea to register for all the programme you’d like to attend. Whilst some definitely won’t require pre-registration, it’s a really good idea to check out the ones that do – we don’t want anyone to be disappointed!

    The Off-site Meetings are being organized by the International Committees and will take place on September 5th. Some Committees will require pre-registration. Please apply through the website of the individual International Committee you are interested in attending. Click here for details.

    Pre-registration is definitely required for our unmissable day trips and excursions taking place on September 6. They’re your opportunity to get to know this amazing part of the world! Click here for details.

    Pre–registration is also required for our fantastic Post–conference and Sightseeing Tours – click here.

Sessions and Presentations

  • How do I get to speak at the Conference?

    The 30 International Committees will be responsible for recruiting their own speakers. Please apply directly to the Committees you wish to speak at. In recent years, ICOM non–members have been able to apply to speak at many of the committees – applications and announcements will be usually be in English.

    The calls for speakers at the ICOM Kyoto Conference has now ended for all International Committees.

  • Do you have simultaneous language interpretation at ICOM Kyoto 2019?

    Yes! There will be simultaneous translation – where translators are working on–site to translate at the same time as the speaker talks as you wear a headphone. It will be in 4 languages –English, French, Spanish and Japanese – at the most of the sessions.

    The language support provided each of the International Committees will be decided by them, so please check individual Committee websites for details. See the programme schedule for information on interpretation at each session. Click here for details.

  • Do you have other language support?

    Yes! Throughout the Conference we’ll be using a fantastic sound support system called Omotenashi Guide.

    It’s a smartphone app that delivers subtitles in directly to your phone. It’s available in lots of different languages – and as bonus is that you can even use it to help you understand Japanese announcements in Supported Spots around the country. Please download and try out the app ahead of time. Click here for all the info.


  • Have you got any excursions planned?

    Yes, we most certainly do! We have been busy planning a wide range of exciting visits and day trips to ensure that we can share everything we love about Japan with our visitors from around the world.

    Every registered person can attend one excursion ‘course’ – and the vast majority of them are absolutely free! Tickets will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis – so we really recommend booking as early as you possibly can. Please note that there won’t be a waiting list. Click here for details.

  • I’m attending the conference but my traveling companion isn’t – can they attend the same excursion as me?

    Yes! We don’t want them to be lonely! You can sign up one person as a ‘registered accompanying person’ – and then they can come on the same excursion course as you – or a different one if they prefer! Please head to the Excursion Page of the ICOM Kyoto 2019 website and create a My Page – then apply. You can both then choose one excursion course you would like to attend – and please remember to register early to avoid disappointment.

    We are also offering one excursion course (C-22) for families who have not been registered for the Conference. Again, please book early because it’s going to be a lot of fun and we don’t want anyone – especially our younger guests – to be disappointed. Apply here!


  • Can I volunteer at the ICOM Kyoto Conference?

    Wow, yes! Thank you! We are welcoming lots of volunteers at the conference – including students specializing in museums and fluent in foreign languages – and local residents from Kyoto. Please read more about this here .

    We’re sorry but recruitment for volunteers at the ICOM Kyoto Conference has ended.


  • How do I reserve a hotel? Are there any special offers for Conference Participants?

    Yes! We have a specialist travel agent working to help Conference Participants – and they can help you book a hotel at a discounted rate. Click here for details.

    Please note that accommodation reservation and payment should be completed by 1 August 2019 (Japan time).


  • Where is the venue?

    The main venue is at the beautiful Kyoto International Conference Centre – also known as ICC Kyoto – and this is where most of the events are happening. There are also two satellite venues that are known as Rekisaikan (Kyoto Institute, Library and Archives) and the Inamori Memorial Hall. Please click here for all the access details for the venues.

  • Are there cloakrooms available?

    The cloakroom is located in the registration area in front of the entrance of the Event Hall, where you’ll be able to leave your coats and bags. However, on Saturday, 7 September, the cloakroom will be located in the main lobby, ground floor (1F) of the main venue of ICC Kyoto. Please note that luggage cannot be stored overnight.

    The cloakroom will be open during the following times:
    1 September 08:30 – 20:15
    2 September 07:30 – 20:45
    3 September 08:00 – 18:15
    4 September 08:00 – 18:15
    7 September 08:30 – 16:15

  • Is Wi-Fi available?

    Yes and yes! We will have free Wi-Fi available inside the venue – all your login details will be on the back of the name badge you receive when you arrive!

  • Do you have a nursery?

    Yes! Please apply in advance– the deadline is 5pm (Japan Time), 31 July 2019. Click here for details.

  • Are there prayer rooms?

    Yes! There will be two prayer rooms (male and female) available at our main venue, the Kyoto International Conference Center. You’ll be able to find all the details in the Conference Programme on the day.

  • Do you have a vegetarian menu?

    Yes! Although vegetarianism isn’t quite as common in Japan as some other parts of the world, you’ll find that plenty of Japanese food is deliciously vegetarian. We have ensured that we will have a vegetarian menu available for all the conference lunches. At our social events, all the ingredients of each dish will be specified allowing you to make a decision about what is right for you.

Travel Information

  • Can I have a bit more information about travel in and around Japan – and the city of Kyoto?

    Yes! First off, we suggest going here for details on Japan's traffic, climate and tourist information. We also recommend checking on the below websites.

    Official Kyoto Travel Guide: https://kyoto.travel/en
    Kyoto Visitor's Guide http://www.kyotoguide.com/

About ICOM

  • What is ICOM?

    ICOM the acronym for the International Council of Museums. It is an international non-governmental organization, and was founded in 1946. We currently have about 44,500 museum experts from 138 countries and regions. As a global representative of museums and museum experts, we work with UNESCO, and the United Nations on the advisory board of the Economic and Social Council.

    ICOM has 119 National Committees organized by country and 30 International Committees organized across a range museum fields. Each has an Annual Meeting, to exchange information and share knowledge. Every three years, we have a General Conference where all the Committees meet in one place. Moreover, there are some Standing Committee to address issues like museum ethics and disaster management. More details on ICOM: https://icom-kyoto-2019.org/icom.html

  • How do I become a Member of ICOM? What do I need to know, and how much does it cost?

    To become a Member, you must be either a museum, a member of staff at a museum, a university faculty member or student whose studies relate to museum science. Membership is submitted to the ICOM in Paris through your National Committee, and must be approved. Following approval you may select up to three International Committees to join. For more details please head to the ICOM Membership Information page here.

  • I’ve already selected an International Committee – can I change my mind?

    Yes! If you want to change or attend another IC too, please contact your National Committee directly to let them know.

  • What is an ICOM Institution Member? How are the three representatives elected?

    If your affiliated institution is an Institution Member, you can register up to 3 representatives to attend the Conference as ICOM Members. Other people from your institution are of course welcome to join but they will either have to register as a Non-Member or be privatively registered a member of ICOM. For further details please contact ICOM Membership.

  • What are the benefits of being an ICOM Member? Do I get free access to exhibitions or any special offers?

    Yes! There are lots of benefits to being a member of ICOM. Everywhere is different, but there are many museums that support ICOM's philosophy and provide free and discounted exhibitions, special exhibitions and even have some special exhibitions just for ICOM Members. Please contact each museum for more details and present your ICOM card when entering the museum.