ICOM Kyoto 2019

25a conferencia general del ICOM

Del 1 al 7 de Septiembre, 2019


La informacion de rutas turisticas de pago y de rutas pre y post conferencia que se celebraran antes y despues del evento (con alojamiento de pago) se actualizara en cualquier momento.

Tour post conferencia

ICOM Kyoto 2019 Post-Conference Tour in Tokyo
“City Museums as Cultural Hubs – Past, Present and Future”
-Rethinking the relationship between the city and the city museum-

ICOM-CAMOC (International Committee for the Collections and Activities of Museums of Cities) and the ICOM Kyoto 2019 Organising Committee are jointly orgnanising a post-conference tour in Japan’s capital city, Tokyo. The tour aims to bring together Japan’s museum professionals with the participants in ICOM Kyoto 2019. It will include a diverse range of viewpoints on city museums; stakeholders including city museum professionals, curators, researchers, academics, city governance, students, and NGOs. Anyone who is interested in the relationship between a city and its museums will benefit from this opportunity to connect and to see the different faces of Tokyo, and rethink the relationship between the city and the city museum. We are looking forward to you joining us.

September 8-9, 2019
Registration fee:
Free (Expenses about 20,000 Japanese Yen below to be paid by participants)
-Transportation between from Kyoto to Tokyo
-Meals onsite
-Insurance fee, etc.
Who Can Participate:
ICOM Kyoto 2019 registered participants (first-come-first-served basis-maximum 45 participants: for East tour 25; for West tour 20)
ICOM-CAMOC, ICOM Kyoto 2019 Organising Committee
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Edo Tokyo Museum, Tamarokuto Science Center; Implementation Committee for New Concept “Ueno, a Global Capital of Culture”; Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Tokyo University of the Arts

We have reached the maximum number of participants. Registration has closed.

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ICOM Kyoto 2019 Post-Conference Programme in the Tohoku Region

Eight years ago, on March 11th 2011, devastating earthquakes and tsunami hit the Tohoku region, and many museums and cultural heritages sites and objects in the area suffered serious damage. Since then, the staff of these museums have dedicated enormous time and resources to rescuing damaged objects and to conserving and restoring them. On this post-conference tour, we will visit some of the museums that suffered from this disastrous phenomenon, and hear the experiences of the museum personnel. We hope that this post-conference tour will be a good opportunity to think about how to prepare for disasters that may occur anytime and anywhere, and how to cope with them. The tour is open to all ICOM General Conference delegates. We look forward to your participation!

Sunday, 8 September – Wednesday, 11 September 2019
Shirakawa, Koriyama (Fukushima Prefecture), Sendai, Kesennuma (Miyagi Prefecture), Rikuzentakata, Morioka (Iwate Prefecture), Tokyo
Registration fee:
€ 477 or 60,420 JPY includes: Transportation (from Kyoto, ending in Tokyo), Accommodations, Breakfast, Entrances, and Tax
ICOM-CC, ICOM Kyoto 2019 Organising Committee, Organising Committee for the ICOM-CC’s Post-Conference Tour in Tohoku

Contact Us: yzhang@kit-group.org(Miranda ZHANG)

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ICOM Kyoto 2019 Post-Conference Programme in Hokkaido
“Challenges facing local museums in preserving and handing down history and culture”

With the planned opening of the Date City Museum of History and Culture, Japan’s newest local cultural museum, in April 2019, we are planning a post-conference programme to this local museum, which embodies the theme of ICOM Kyoto 2019: “Museum as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Tradition”. This post-conference programme aims to facilitate exchanges between researchers based in Hokkaido and other ICOM researchers. We look forward to seeing you.

Sunday, September 8 – Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Date City, Toyako Town, Shiraoi Town and Biratori Town (Hokkaido Prefecture)
Frais d'inscription:
Single room (35,000JPY)
Shared room (30,000JPY)
ICOM Kyoto 2019 Organising Committee, Date Toyako Regional Museum Promotion Platform
Managed by Oranising Committee for the ICOM Kyoto 2019 Post-Conference Programme in Date City and Toyako Town, Hokkaido Prefecture

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ICOM Kyoto 2019 Post-Conference Program in Okinawa

We have reached the maximum number of participants. Registration has closed.

Okinawa is an ideal place to explore the important roles of museums; namely, “the passing down of unique natural environments and cultures” and “preservation of history.” In line with ICOM Kyoto 2019's theme (MUSEUM AS CULTURAL HUBS: The Future of Tradition), we would like to hold a post-conference in Okinawa. Our hope is to examine two topics: How to pass on unique cultures amid advancing globalization, and how to preserve memories of war as generations that have not experienced it comprise more and more of society's mainstream. We invite everyone to participate in the post-conference, a program organized for the purposes of exploring these topics, promoting interaction between interested local parties and ICOM researchers, and deepening understanding of Okinawa.

Dia y hora:
Sunday, September 8 – Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Okinawa Prefecture (Naha City, Itoman City, Kunigami District)
Precio de participacion:
Free (Expenses below to be paid by participants)
-Transportation between Kyoto and Kansai International Airport
-Meals at the onsite
Cabinet Office (Okinawa Affairs), ICOM Kyoto 2019 Organising Committee
Solicitud de elegibilidad:
People who satisfy the following two requirements are eligible to participate in the post-conference.
1) Member of an ICOM International Committee
2) Participant in ICOM Kyoto 2019

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Circuits touristiques


Two-Day Tour

Discover Contemporary and Traditional Art and Culture in Kanazawa

Tour Price: 55,000 JPY


Two-Day Tour

Highlights Tour of Hiroshima & Yamaguchi


Tour Price: 75,000 JPY


Two-Day Tour

Two days in Kanagawa:Seaside Cities of Kamakura and Yokohama

Tour Price: 67,000 JPY


Two-Day Tour

Two-Day Tour to Ise Grand Shrine and the Hometown of Ninjas in Mie Prefecture

Tour Price: 45,000 JPY




Morning Tour


Morning of Zazen (Breakfast Included)


Tour Price: 5,000 JPY