Excursions Kyoto City Tour

Kyoto, the host city of ICOM Kyoto, is filled with treasures of cultural heritage.
We invite you to participate in our various tours, starting from casual half-day tours to thorough full day tours.

Details will be provided around May, 2019.

Main Destinations (Image is for illustration purposes)

Cherish Temples, Palace & Villas, Shrines, and Gardens

Cherish spaces filled with Japanese tradition, culture, history, such as the Imperial Palace, temples designated World Heritage, and Japanese gardens.


Visits at Museums Located in Kyoto City

There are more than 200 museums in Kyoto City, which are part of the Kyohakuren (Kyoto Museums Association) network. As part of our excursions, we are preparing themed tours to the museums.


Discover Traditional Culture and Crafts of Kyoto

Discover Japanese Traditional Craftsmanship and Way of Life through the pleasures of Tea Ceremony, Washoku - traditional Japanese food, and visits to Kyo-machiya - traditional wooden townhouses of Kyoto.


Observe Restoration Sites of Cultural Properties

Observe skilled professionals at painting restauration ateliers and restauration sites of temples, and learn more about the preservation efforts of Japanese Cultural Properties.


Enjoy the Cultural Landscapes of the Suburbs

We are preparing tours outside of Kyoto’s city centre. Enjoy the unique cultural landscape of Ohara, Arashiyama·Sagano, Daigo·Yamashina, and Fushimi.