Excursions Kyoto Prefecture Tour

Encounter the sea, the forest, and the tea…just one step outside of Kyoto City.
From the Northern towards the Southern parts, Kyoto Prefecture appears in various characters, which is surrounded by rich nature and culture. Please relish the ‘other’ Kyoto.

Details will be provided around May, 2019.

Main Destination (Image is for illustration purposes)

Kyoto by the Sea - Miyazu, Ine, Kyotango, Yosano, Maizuru

The Northern part of Kyoto Prefecture faces the Sea of Japan. Cherish the beautiful scenery and experience the residents’ way of life. Walk around historic alleys, the Chirimen Street, which has a long tradition of supporting Kyoto’s Kimono Culture, and enjoy the delightful seafood of this area.


Kyoto in Forests – Fukuchiyama, Ayabe, Kameoka, Nantan Miyama

The central area of Kyoto Prefecture is surrounded by the forest. We prepare a journey in which you can relish the beauty of the woods, the graceful mountains of the Satoyama -border zones between villages and the mountains, the folklore spirits, regional industries and traditional craftsmanship.


Kyoto Infused with Tea - Uji, Yawata, Kizugawa, Yamashiro

The Southern part of Kyoto Prefecture elates a history of tea culture over 800 years. Cherish the tea plantations, wholesale districts, a temple associated with tea, and several other activities in which you can enjoy the culture of tea, and visit temples designated World Heritage and National Treasures of Japan.


Kyoto Otokuni Bamboo Grove

West of Kyoto, it is close to the central areas of Kyoto and Osaka. From ancient times, this area has a prosperous culture and has been a hub of transportation, as ancient capital was located. In this area, you can enjoy the omotenashi - Japanese hospitality through visiting a tea house and an architect’s house.