ICOM Kyoto 2019

25th ICOM General Conference

1-7 September 2019

About ICOM Japan

The Japanese National Committee for ICOM

Established in 1951, the Japanese National Committee for ICOM is governed by the statutes of ICOM and has been engaged in carrying out its missions, thereby contributing to the enhancement of its national members' activities. Its offices are located within the administrative headquarters of the Japanese Association of Museums.


  • Main tool of communication between the General Secretariat and the ICOM members
  • Participate in the ICOM activities such as General Conference and International Museum Day
  • Cooperation with international mechanisms and national organization involved with ICOM
  • Represents its members within ICOM


Secretariat of ICOM-Japan
c/o Japanese Association of Museums
3F, Annex to Kuroda Memorial Hall, 12-52 Ueno-park, Taito-ku
Tokyo, 110-0007, JAPAN
TEL: +81 (0)3-5832-9108  FAX: +81 (0)3-5832-9109
Email: icom@j-muse.or.jp
URL: https://www.j-muse.or.jp/icom/en/index.php